TREND REPORT: 12/21/12

End one
Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games was ready to fight for her life in clothes with function and style.

Sopheak byline photo By Sopheak Sam

Ready your Zombie repellant hairspray and polish your combat boots — we’re just a day away from impending doom. So, in light of humanity’s decsent into global chaos as predicted by ancient Mayans, we’ve appropriately put together a shopping guide inspired by the end of the world.

After all, the concept of fashion is that fashion never really ends. Not to mention, the drones of models who are already Zombie-esque!

In the imagined worlds of Dystopian Mad Max and Battlestar Gallatica, there’s a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics and style of iconic alternate universes. In many of these parallel worlds, we see on-screen vixens’ looking uptown chic (depending on where uptown is) even amidst dire cataclysm

end two
Mila Kunis in Book of Eli. EVen when the world falls apart, her look doesn’t.

Mila Kunis, opposite to Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli, was essentially a postmodern Sabrina Duncan in Rag & Bone. Scruffy stylish? Yes.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from The Hunger Games in a leather jacket and fishtail braids – think Brooke Shields meets Lara Croft in Theyskens’ Theory.

And who can forget The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden, whose character Andrea is ‘90s heroine-chic revisited. 

The “12/21/12” trend even strutted its way down local runways at the 3Rivers Arts fundraiser, where artists Lisa Wiesner, Ray Ciemney and Heatherjean MacNeil created wonders of Bak’tun proportions that got us inspired and wondering: What would women wear during a post-Apocalyptic America?

end 3
3Rivers Fashion Show unveiled Apocalyptic Mayan chic.

So at Howl, we dug deep to give you fashion finds fitting for the future – whether it ends or not. Take a risk in 2013. Be bold with texture and pops of color, play around with masculine-feminine concepts, and keep looking to the future by buying fashion built to last through doomsday or the crowds at this weekend’s parties.


Theyskens’ Theory


A. Leather Coat, $56,
B. Fuzzy Tribal Sweater, $39,
C. Vince Camuto Colorblock Leather Gloves, $43,
D. Collage Watch, $68,
E. MICHAEL Michael Kors Printed cotton pants, $40,
F. Jeffrey Campbell – Flanders, $90, 
Opening Ceremony OC Graphic Handy Map, $15, 

Proenza Schouler


A. Michael O’rourke Rock Your Hair Hard Gel, $18, 
Loose Knitted Red Jumper, $62.99,
C. Monsoon Erea Ring, $20, 
D. Moda Luxe Satchel With Crossbody Strap, $60,
E. Flick Black Leather Look Platform Chelsea Boots, $80,
F. Paradise Skirt, $150,  

Topshop Unique


A. Mesh & Denim Bodycon Dress, $40.80,
B. Loose Light Gray Dress, $33.60,
C. Anne Klein Ladies’ Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch, $75, 
D. Skill ring, $13,
E. Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner – Star, $8.99,
F. CaseMate iPhone Case, $28,
G. Frye Veronica Combat, $235, 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Sia, $138,

Howl Fashion Editor Sopheak Sam co-founded FOB Lifestyle & Apparel in 2009, a Lowell-based alternative street brand inspired by his and other immigrants’ stories. Sopheak talks the talk when it comes to fashion but doesn’t walk it – he runs and is constantly on the move! Since launching his own small business, Sopheak has made leaps from a wandering artist to a seasoned design nerd (if it were a person, he’d marry Helvetica). He previously worked as the communications coordinator at The Revolving Museum, spent some time as a freelancer in creative and project management roles for COOL (Cultural Organization of Lowell), the Greater Lowell Community Foundation and Lowell National Historical Park. If you’re in downtown, you just might catch Sopheak behind storefront windows, changing mannequins at Lowell’s own Humanity Boutique where he works part-time. Sopheak also assists in brand development for corporations at Snakebite Inc. in North Chelmsford. His real passion lies in FOB and in fashion, and hopes to one-day employ other FOBs and create meaningfulness inspired by art and community.

  *Cover photo by Alex Metric

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