Put your signature stamp on our sponsor’s banner

Hey, artsy Lowellians — get your work noticed.

Our sponsor is putting out an open call for artists to showcase their work on their sponsor banner, which will be prominently displayed on our Howl in Lowell calendar section.

Open to all artists (painters, photographers, graphic designers, cartoonists, etc.), this unique banner is our sponsor’s way of supporting local art and the creative economy.

Be as creative as you want to be! If selected, your design will be featured for up to one month on our sponsor’s banner on Howl in Lowell’s calendar page.

Not only will your artwork and bio be featured on Howl, but clicking the banner will bring viewers to our sponsor’s website, where your art and bio will be featured again along with links to your personal website.

How it works

Your art must fit in the available white space (see banner on our calendar page), no larger than 878 pixels wide and 84 pixels high. You may use your existing art that can be cropped to this dimension or you may design something specifically to fit.   Note that the colors of the banner are the colors of our sponsor’s logo.

Here’s what we’ll need from you in addition to your art banner submission:  a brief bio (100-150 words max.),  a head shot (optional, will be cropped/resized to approx. 100 x 100 pixels), your contact info (any or all, website url, phone, email) and finally you have the option of submitting a full size image of one of your works of art.  This image will be resized down to fit the available space on the sponsor’s web site.

Submit your design to: artbanner@howlinlowell.com     

This unique opportunity to make your work more visible will be ongoing throughout the year. But if you submit your design by May 20, 2012, you could possibly be among the first featured in this cool new effort to support local artists.

Thank you for participating!   We can’t wait to showcase your art.

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