Billy Chea, bartender at Moonstones. HOWL photo by Gaelan Morse.AA HOWL series introducing Greater Lowell’s talented mixologists.

WHERE: Moonstones, 185 Chelmsford St., Chelmsford

How long have you been bartending at Moonstones?
Since February of this year.

How did you get into bartending?
I got the offer and took it. It was supposed to be a momentary career. But It’s very fun and social, and the money is great!

Whats your favorite thing about working behind the bar?
It is a constant show. I love getting to show off the craft.

What’s your signature cocktail?
A Bulleit bourbon Manhattan for sure.
How it’s done:
A dash of orange bitters
half an ounce of sweet vermouth
3oz of Bulleit Bourbon
Stir over ice to chill. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Youd be happy if you never had to mix another?
Pisco sour. It’s so messy and timely to make.

Your craziest bar story?
Craziest story I have so far is a group of gentlemen looking important walked up to the bar one night. Turned out to be Grammy nominated artist Lee Brice and his entourage. I thought that was pretty cool.

If you were a flavor youd be?
Chili infused chocolate. Sweet and spicy.

If you werent bartending youd be?
I would be traveling the world, filling up my passport with stamps.

If bartenders had superpowers yours would be?
I would have the power to tip a bottle, any bottle for that matter, and whatever the customer wanted would come pouring out.

Favorite pick-up line overheard at the bar?
“You from around here?” “No, I’m from the hotel next door.”

At the end of your shift you pour yourself?
Tequila or scotch, straight up pour, and call it a night.