By Chris Krause

When I moved to Lowell in January 2015, I really didn’t know what to expect. But what soon struck me was the sharp contrast between my own positive experiences in the community, and my Boston friends’ perspectives of Lowell despite having never experienced the community themselves. I decided that more people needed to see the Lowell that I was seeing, and thus soon launched Out in Lowell on Instagram.

Out in Lowell is a social media outlet dedicated to exploring all things local. With every photograph, I’m there behind my iPhone in real time. I find that photography remains such an incredibly powerful way to tell a story, often in a way that words cannot. I hope to share Lowell’s story with more people, but I also hope to simply bring our community closer together. Lowell is on a journey, and we’re all a part of it. Join the storytelling online by tagging your photos with #outinlowell.

PS – You might be wondering, “What’s with the goat?” Go read HOWL’s story called “At Home on the Range: Meet the Lowell Goat.” You won’t regret it.

Interested in going out in Lowell? I put together your upcoming weekend schedule, which features some of my favorite spots in the city. Get out there!


Sizzling Kitchen photo by Chris Krause

Sizzling Kitchen

Dinner at Sizzling Kitchen
478 Merrimack St.
You won’t be disappointed with dinner at Sizzling Kitchen. Not only is their food incredible, their customer service is excellent too. You can tell the owners really care about their customers. I highly recommend the Pad Thai or the Bibimbap. I’ll be getting the Sizzling Dry Chicken next time I visit. Oh, and they have more than a dozen types of homemade macarons!

Drinks at Cobblestones
91 Dutton St.
After dinner, head over to Cobblestones and grab a few beers. I enjoy the bar here because of the variety of beers on tap, and they often feature Lowell’s very own Navigation Brewing Co. You also can’t go wrong with their old fashioned jukebox.


River Walk photo by Chris Krause

River Walk

Mornings on the Riverwalk
Foot of John St., behind Boarding House Park
I like to wake up Saturday morning and run off all of those beer calories with a run along the Merrimack River. The Lowell Riverwalk offers some pretty amazing views that rival the Charles River Bike Path in Boston, but without the crowded pathways.

Art and Lunch at UnchARTed
103 Market St.
You’ll soon be hungry after your run or walk along the Riverwalk, so I recommend grabbing a bite to eat at UnchARTed. This place is so unique; it’s an art gallery with a café and a beer/wine bar. They also have a performance space for musicians. Grab a slice of pizza and enjoy the exhibits.

Sweet Lydias. Photo by Chris Krause

Sweet Lydia’s

Dessert at Sweet Lydia’s
160 Merrimack St.
If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, then grab an early afternoon snack from Sweet Lydia’s, which is just around the corner from UnchARTed. The shop is known for their handmade marshmallow treats, but I’ve become obsessed with “The Alex Monster,” a chocolate candy bar stuffed with cookie dough and caramel.

Canal Boat Tour
National Park Visitor’s Center, 246 Market St.
Starting Memorial Day weekend, the Lowell National Historical Park Service will resume their canal boat tours. This is great way to learn more about Lowell’s unique history on a sunny afternoon.


Dinner at 1981 Ramen Bar
129 Merrimack St.
End your Saturday with some delicious ramen from 1981 Ramen Bar. Don’t skip the appetizers here. I recommend starting off with the braised short rib and fontina cheese arancini, followed by a large bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen for your main course.


Coffee & Cotton photo by Chris Krause

Coffee & Cotton

Waking up at Coffee and Cotton
Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson St., 4th fl.
I love rolling out of bed on Sunday morning and heading over to Coffee and Cotton. There’s something special about this place that makes it my favorite spot in Lowell. Maybe it’s the countless Edison light bulbs that hang from the ceiling, or the irresistible blueberry scones, or the perfect lattes, or maybe just all of the above. It’s much more than a coffee shop; it’s a second home.

The Farm Market at Mill No. 5
After getting your caffeine fix, explore the Farm Market at Mill No. 5 from 11 am–3 pm, which features lives music, fresh produce, art, and countless local vendors and shops. I recommend catching a film at The Luna Theater before you head out.

Parking Garage Views
Leo A. Roy Garage, 100 Market St.
One of my favorite aspects about Lowell is the architecture. The historical brick mills and the character they exude are one of the things that first drew me to Lowell. If you’re looking for a good view of the city or want to watch the sun set, find your way to a parking garage and take the stairs to the top floor. I recommend the Leo A. Roy Garage on Market St. While far from conventional, some of my favorite photographs were taken from atop a parking garage.

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