psychic-feature-2A guide to Greater Lowell’s supernatural superstars

By The HOWL Street Team

What do Nancy Reagan, Angelina Jolie and John Lennon have in common? They all sought guidance at one time or another from a psychic advisor. People enlisting their own Rasputin is hardly anything new, but with a new year stretching ahead of us the HOWL Street Team thought the timing was perfect for presenting you with an all-seeing guide to Greater Lowell’s supernatural superstars.



Sylvia Miller

The glow of the neon Psychic sign has been a fixture on Rogers Street for many years. Working out of her own home, Sylvia gives readings at the dining room table and uses tarots or stones as a guide. Surrounded by the heavy perfume of incense and flickering candles, she holds clients’ hands, asking questions, often about the other people in their life and isn’t afraid of making predictions (“This relationship you’re in will not last, but you are going to meet a man who will own his own business, and this man is the man whom you will marry”). At times her advice can come across as bold, and even a bit harsh — she told one client her current relationship was “doomed to fail” (a couple of months later, it did indeed fail) —  but Sylvia has a loyal following, many of whom have been relying on her advice her for years. She compares her work to that of a life coach, saying most of her clients are seeking to fix problems, make changes in their lives, or move past something that makes them feel stuck. Many clients, Sylvia said, are curious about money. Her response to that frequently asked question: Don’t worry about money so much. There’s more to life. It’s better to wish for health because if you have health you have everything.
546 Rogers St., Lowell | 978-937-0998

horoscopes-chris-flisherChris Flisher

If anyone can help you carve out a path complete with signs, signals and detours for the year ahead, it’s Chris Flisher, an astrologer with a natural gift for restoring his clients’ confidence in their ability to make choices. He has been practicing astrology for more than 30 years, and looks at his work as a way of feeling connected to the universe and to get reassurance in difficult times. He gives readings from his converted barn in Boxborough, a cozy and inviting space filled with his own original artwork. Readings are thorough, thoughtful and peppered with humor. Expect a full exposition of your personality, advice on how to manage that personality and an assurance that the universe is working on all of it.


psychic-tarotAnna Murphy

With her rosy cheeks, friendly smile and intimate office space, Anna is probably the coziest tarot reader in town. Viewing her cards as a map of the unconscious mind, she says her well-worn deck, coupled with her own acute intuition, acts as a compass for helping to guide clients through those important life questions. Anna loves hunting down answers and solving mysteries, and her passion for people shows through her readings, where she embraces humor sprinkled with easy-to-relate-to pop culture references from songs to characters in classic literature, or even a scene from “Mad Men” (He’s a fix-it-all guy like Don Draper, who doesn’t think twice about stripping off his button down and fixing the Campbell’s kitchen sink when it spurts water during a dinner party). Sitting across from Anna is almost like talking with your favorite aunt, the cool one who gives good advice. Gentle, funny and wise, she’ll answer questions until you’re satisfied. Don’t look for prophecies, Anna doesn’t believe in them. She just likes to help her clients understand themselves better.
Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson St. 4th flr., Lowell |


psychic-woosterLaura Wooster

Beyond neatly organized shelves filled with alphabetized books on spirituality and holistic healing, and an ample supply of candles, crystals, herbs and new age gifts, you’ll find an even bigger variety of local psychics, mediums and spiritual healers offering private readings at Circles of Wisdom, a downtown Andover retail shop. While all are worth checking out, Laura is one of the most sought out. Her readings are personable and inspiring. A member of the HOWL Street Team says that while she was a bit skeptical of her assignment, during a meeting with Laura, the medium mentioned an article of clothing that a dear deceased family member always wore and described it down to the smallest details.
90 Main St., Andover | 978-474-8010


psychic-smithNancy Smith

Nancy’s most talked about triumphs seem to be drawing spookily accurate portraits of her client’s deceased loved ones. A self-described spiritual medium, Nancy says she reconnects people to their loved ones through messages, drawings and stories. One HOWL street team member says while sitting with Nancy, the medium drew a portrait that was a dead ringer for the client’s grandmother, whom Nancy had never before set eyes on. Also a trained Reiki healer and author of the book “No Mistakes, How to Change Adversity into Abundance,” it’s tempting to believe everything Nancy says, even if it may be vague, given her amazing on-the-spot artistry.
Call or email for appointment at her North Andover space.
978-835-0005 |

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