New Documentary Rehashes Cobain Murder Theory

By Erika Weiser

Conspiracy theories surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death are alive and well in Benjamin Statler’s docudrama, Soaked In Bleach.

On April 5, 1994, in the guesthouse behind his Seattle home, 27-year-old Cobain was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head. A note left behind by Cobain helped investigators rule the death as a suicide.

But for more than 20 years, some have questioned whether the rock legend’s death was actually caused by his estranged wife, Courtney Love.

Soaked in Bleach revisits the story through the eyes of Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Love in 1994, when Cobain went missing.

After digging into the details, Grant determined there was significant evidence to suspect foul play and the motive pointed directly to the woman who hired him.

The film develops as a narrative mystery with cinematic re-creations, interviews with crucial experts and witnesses, and the examination of evidence from the ‘94 case.

Grant shares a series of alleged holes in the case starting with the Seattle Police Department’s rushed verdict. From a lack of usable fingerprints on the shotgun to too much heroin in Cobain’s body for him to actually pull a trigger, Grant rules out suicide.

Love and Cobain were also going through a divorce. She’d get more money from a suicide than from a divorce, Grant says. With a suicide, Love would inherit and control the entire Cobain and Nirvana estate.

Whether you believe in the conspiracy or not, Soaked In Bleach gives a compelling argument and inside look to Cobain’s death.

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