From Long Island to Lowell, star of TLC’s Long Island Medium visits Lowell Auditorium Saturday.


Theresa Caputo
Theresa Caputo. Courtesy Photo.

Theresa Caputo is a typical Long Island wife and mom, except for one distinct difference — she communicates with the dead. 

Star of the TLC reality show, Long Island Medium, Caputo has amassed legions of adoring fans for her down-to-earth personality and zany antics.

Unable to “turn off” her gift, Long Island Medium often shows Caputo giving spontaneous readings to everyone from her car mechanic to a stranger at the local grocery store.

The TV show premiered in September 2011 to rave reviews and a loyal following. The hit show’s third season is slated to begin in September and focuses on Caputo’s life as a medium and the unique challenges it creates for her, her husband, Larry, and two children, Victoria, 17, and Larry Jr., 21.

Caputo has been a practicing medium for 10 years and is a certified medium with the Forever-Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting science with the afterlife. 

Caputo says she developed her gift over time, remembering her first visitation from “spirit” happened when she was only four years old. When she was a teenager, her ability to connect with “spirit” caused her anxiety. Caputo explains that as she accepted her gift, she let “spirit” channel their messages through her. 

As she started to feel better about her ability, she developed her gift of communicating with the departed.

Caputo conducts private and group readings, which she gives in her home in Hicksville, N.Y. Even before the popular TV show, Caputo’s wait list for readings was about two years long.

She says her family has learned to live with her mediumship, but it can be trying on their relationships.

A limited number of VIP tickets will be available for $125.00, which includes a post-show meet and greet (autograph and photo with Theresa).  VIP tickets do not include personal readings.


WHAT: Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 8

WHERE: Lowell Auditorium, 50 East Merrimack St.

Tickets start at $39.75. Visit the Lowell Auditorium website to learn more. 




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