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Fresh off the farm produce is back in the city for the summer.

The Lowell Farmer’s Market opened for the season July 6, with more than two dozen local crop growers, organic farmers, fishermen, artisans and others peddling the fruits of the labor in front of JFK Plaza, 50 Arcand Drive.

The summer bounty in the outdoor market holds a little something for everyone, says event coordinator Rachel Chandler.

Here, you’ll not only find freshly picked fruits and vegetables, but succulent lobster and seafood from Gloucester, meats from organic local farms that raise livestock on grass and natural feed the way nature intended, homemade organic dog treats and even organic cosmetics like soaps and make-up.  

“It’s all about getting good food and knowing where that food comes from,” Chandler says. “This year, we’re bigger than ever and infused with a new soul that really shows people how buying local effects all of us in a very positive and purposeful way. So if you want to spend a beautiful day outdoors but have a grocery list in hand, think farmers markets.”


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A boon for the frugal shopper, Chandler says shoppers walk away with the freshest produce, meats and seafood at affordable prices.

Low-income families get an additional discount on food purchases through the World Peas sustainable farming project supported by Tufts University. 

The Lowell Farmers’ Market, one of the oldest in the Merrimack Valley, has been around since 1979.

“Long enough to change with the times and become food-focused,” Chandler says. 

This year, the Friday market includes an art walk, where a variety of local artists will have their work on display. The sounds of live music will also fill the open-air market.

“Shoppers can grab a nice iced espresso that’s all fair trade coffee and just poke around to see all the produce that’s in season,” Chandler says. “I think a lot of people will be surprised by how much they find here. Now you can go to the market and make a great day out of it.”

The Lowell Farmer’s Market will be open from 2pm to 7pm every Friday through October at JFK Plaza, 50 Arcand Drive Lowell Farmers Market.

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