By Erika Weiser

Illustration by Amelia Tucker

By Amelia Tucker

 Attention all horror buffs, sci-fi nerds and weirdos, The Luna Theater has something freaky in store just for you. Every Wednesday beginning July 1, you’ll find a new macabre movie playing, hosted by filmmaker and special effects artist Rob Fitz.
The Best part — it’s totally free!
Weirdo Wednesdays stems from the mad minds of Luna Theater Director Amelia Tucker and Fitz, and their mutual love of the horror genre and all things bizarre.
The only catch: you’ll never know what is going to be screening until you get there.
Who doesn’t love a good surprise?




Q&A with Filmmaker and resident weirdo, Rob Fitz

How did you get into the film/ special effects industry?
Rob: I went to a school for visual arts and made student films. I learned by doing student films and whatever effects they needed. I first worked as a production assistant on movies until I got the chance to do makeup and then things progressed from there.

How did you come up with Weirdo Wednesdays?
Rob: Well I went to the Luna to see a movie and was so impressed that I asked (theater director) Amelia Tucker if there were any plans for a horror movie night. We talked a bit and she came to me with the idea but she knew that I was a crazy movie nerd so she asked me to put it together.

How do you pick the movies that will play?
Rob: I try to go with a theme. If something is topical in the news or something I’ll find a cult horror flick that is equivalent. It can be of any era too, from 1915-2015. You never know what it will be.

Weirdest movie you’ve seen?
Rob: One of the weirdest things I have ever seen played at the Luna a few months ago. It was a film called “House” (1977). It’s a bizarre Japanese horror film. 

What is your favorite horror movie?
Rob: Dawn of the Dead (1979) hands down, made me want to do what I do.

What movie do you feel has the best special effect makeup?
Rob: The Exorcist has the best old age makeup. But for classic practical effects I would say The Thing, or even American Werewolf in London.

How many films have you worked on?
Rob: At this point over 50 ( says 46 but it’s not up to date). Only a handful of the movies have been horror.

What was your favorite movie to work on?
Rob: I really enjoyed working on Ted 2. My department head was my friend Howard Berger from KNB effects. We had a lot of fun working on set.

What is your favorite supernatural creature to create?
Rob: I love me some zombies. A lot of fun and nice and messy. Vampires are a close second.

Shows start every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Come to see what twisted, bizarre movie will be next in the lineup.

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